1. HΨ=世界創造=EΨ HΨ=Sekai Shouzo=EΨ/ IA & GUMI
  2. ディストピア・ジパング Dystopia Zipangu/ GUMI
  3. エスケープ・フロム・ディストピア Escape from Dystopia/ GUMI
  4. ラクガキスト Rakugakist/ GUMI
  5. 終点 Shuuten/ Hatsune Miku
  6. バンブーソード・ガール(Extended Version) Bamboo Sword Girl(Extended Version)/ GUMI
  7. 僕は空気が嫁ない Boku wa Kuuki ga Yomenai/ GUMI
  8. Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC / ρ(Kagamine Rin) & λ(IA)
  9. うたいます。Utaimasu./ Hatsune Miku
  10. 0→∞への跳動 0→∞ no Choudou/ Hatsune Miku
  11. 鏡音MAD狂信道 Kyoune MAD Kyoushindou/ Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len
  12. Sadistic.Music∞Factory / Hatsune Miku
  13. ゆるゆらり。Yuruyurari./ GUMI
  14. ディストピア・ロックヒーロー Dystopia Rock Hero/ GUMI
  15. 少年ノアとΦの邂逅 Shounen Noah to Φ no Kaigou/ GUMI
  16. ガラクタネバーランド Garakuta Neverland/ GUMI
  17. 幸せな街の時計台より愛をこめて(原題:廃都アトリエスタにて) Shiawasena Machi no Tokeidai yori Ai o komete (original: Haito Ataliesta Nite)/ Tensei Shounen (Kagamine Len) & Maigo Shoujo (GUMI) (BonusTrack)

Cosmo’s new doujin album for NatsuComi release. Featuring songs from 2011 to 2014 that isn’t included in his other albums.

Jacket Illustration by Syuri22.

Someone made a DRRR!! parody with Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo characters!!

New Cosmo-tan song~~~ and HOSHI NO SHOUJO NOVEL!!! YESSS!!

Will this song finally make Anti the ∞ HOLIC more understandable?

And why IA is Lambda?

Here’s our last song in “Hoshi no Shoujo to gensou Rakudo”, the ending song, Asamurasakiiro no Endroll.

And thus, another great series has come to an end.

AI SHoujoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

2nd to last song from “Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo” series… Also the longest.

CosMo-tan is still the best, after all…..


Hey guys!! cosMo announced that he’ll upload the long awaited PV for “The AI Girl and the Deep Sea Heart” on 4/30 at 18:45 Japan time!

Also, on the 5/2 he’ll upload the PV for “Shallow Purple Endroll”, at the same hour! This is so exciting!!

Even if it’s on an inadequate hour, it would be fun…