…… I’m a M this week… //ming

The DaF  one is collab with shuryoushu …… . I butchered her pretty lineart*sulk*

The 2nd one is a little drawing based on Yuchi’s CR in Wonderland chapter 24. Basically the Humpty Dumpty (shad) in his trollish glory (well, if you attacks him with ice or water element expect some trolling’).

The ultra rare DaF drawing //bricked

The sketchyness is intentional (ly lazy)

tagged: #art #daf #sketch

This was supposed to be my DaF elimination round, but since I know I won’t be able to finish the pict on time, I decided to change the BG. She’s fighting… IDK… But I keep thingking about either dragon or fire monkeys… What is a fire monkey anyway???