It’s a cover from Me & My’s Dub -I-Dub, The background video is from Kantai Collection.

Hatsune Miku/Music: ALT(TsubomiP)
KAITO: Lukida
Megurine Luka: Yaogi
Kagamine Rin Len: NichromeP
Kamui Gakupo: KonkiP
GUMI: AripapaP

.. At first I was kinda skeptic, because collab like this tend to have so so tuning… But then I saw KonkiP and HalP on the P list… This collab has became Godly.

Obligatory Halloween song by Machige & Tawashi!!

ダァカァハロウィンヤムヤミギリア(Dark Halloween YumYummy giglia? or something like that)

Shame that this combo only appear once every year… I miss the time when Tawashi always did PVs for Machige’s popular songs. Though, I admit that Tawashi’s PV is getting prettier.

The best thing? he used ALL HIS VOCALOID BBY~~.. Except Lapis. It’s been forever since Machige’s last group song.

And as usual, there’s some references to his previous Halloween songs.

Look who’s alive!!

IGASIO!! Gad to see you alive and kickin’

His MEIKO is as awesome as always.

Title: Heresy Mansion

Arrange & Lyrics: MygodP

Music: Tsukasa Masuko, Shoji Meguro, Toshiko Tasaki (??)

This one is a trubute arrange for Jakyo manor (Catherdal of Shadow), Gouma-den, and Velvet Room (Aria of the Soul) theme.


Music, Lyrics, Video: MygodP

My friend, lemme introduce you to one of my favorite Vocarock producer, MygodP (or MaigadoP). He’s known for his face-paced, hard to cover, weird rock songs… Also a fan of Megaten.

This is a parody of digital Devil Saga’s battle (look at the status icons and press turn icons), complete with a Meguro-esque song (down to giberish rap ala Nocturne) using MikuMiku Dance… both the song and video are made by MygodP .

I’ll share few other megaten parody by him…

Hmm, come to think of it… I haven’t seen him for a while… I miss his face paced rock.

tagged: #VOCALOID #MEIKO #shu-t

Tomorrow is MEIKO’s birthday, so here an obligatory birthday song, By the glorious Shu-t