Artist’s pixiv page.

Comic in which the Boy with Earring is Minato’s uncle who took care of him during the ten years before the start of the Persona 3. Takes place after the end of the game and Minato’s passing.

The artist has recently deleted all of his works from his Pixiv page, hence why I’m linking to the profile and not the work itself.

And the Boy with Earring being Minato’s uncle who took care of him is now my headcanon.

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ARTIST: Kawamura Yumi and Shuuhei Kita
TRACK: Kimi no Kioku
ALBUM: Persona 3


Kimi No Kioku ~ Butterfly Effect Mix

I mixed the Kawamura Yumi and Shuuhei Kita Versions of “Kimi no Kioku” to create the illusion of Male!MC and Fe!MC singing a duet. It’s not perfect but I like how it turned out. 

Edited with Magix Music Maker.


ペルソナ詰め | 入谷 [pixiv] 





Finally I have a justification for not upgrading my PC to do PS2 emulation well: it makes games more transcendental. “The Dank Hour” indeed.


Okay, NOW we’re done. Holy shit, duder.


Oho hohoo me me meme m-pick me

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A nice two page spread of the main characters in Persona 3 Movie #1. Some background art from the film.

Visually, the whole thing was much better than I expected.


Character art and stuff from the Persona 3 movie.