This was supposedly done in May along with the Storyteller trio, but shit happens. There’s still Infinity but later~~~

Based from Cosmo’s 0→∞ への跳動

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V1 by 秋吉



  1. HΨ=世界創造=EΨ HΨ=Sekai Shouzo=EΨ/ IA & GUMI
  2. ディストピア・ジパング Dystopia Zipangu/ GUMI
  3. エスケープ・フロム・ディストピア Escape from Dystopia/ GUMI
  4. ラクガキスト Rakugakist/ GUMI
  5. 終点 Shuuten/ Hatsune Miku
  6. バンブーソード・ガール(Extended Version) Bamboo Sword Girl(Extended Version)/ GUMI
  7. 僕は空気が嫁ない Boku wa Kuuki ga Yomenai/ GUMI
  8. Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC / ρ(Kagamine Rin) & λ(IA)
  9. うたいます。Utaimasu./ Hatsune Miku
  10. 0→∞への跳動 0→∞ no Choudou/ Hatsune Miku
  11. 鏡音MAD狂信道 Kyoune MAD Kyoushindou/ Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len
  12. Sadistic.Music∞Factory / Hatsune Miku
  13. ゆるゆらり。Yuruyurari./ GUMI
  14. ディストピア・ロックヒーロー Dystopia Rock Hero/ GUMI
  15. 少年ノアとΦの邂逅 Shounen Noah to Φ no Kaigou/ GUMI
  16. ガラクタネバーランド Garakuta Neverland/ GUMI
  17. 幸せな街の時計台より愛をこめて(原題:廃都アトリエスタにて) Shiawasena Machi no Tokeidai yori Ai o komete (original: Haito Ataliesta Nite)/ Tensei Shounen (Kagamine Len) & Maigo Shoujo (GUMI) (BonusTrack)

Cosmo’s new doujin album for NatsuComi release. Featuring songs from 2011 to 2014 that isn’t included in his other albums.

Jacket Illustration by Syuri22.

Aaaaaaa IntroP remade Susano-o with Kaito V3~~ The old one was from 2008.

She has improved so much, I can’t—.. The instrument is so pretty, and his voice is so soft now (beacuse whisper)

Uuuuh, first Shinjou’s Rosary Pale (PJDA only), then Iceimo’s Rakuyou to Waltz, then this… Now I want V3 remakes for all my favorites Kaito songs!

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This week’s Vocaran top 3… Feels like 2009 again.

Apparently this will be Seiko’s last Vocaloid song. She will focus on NNI/doujin scene from now on under Mutsuki Sei (her real name?).

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo aaah, we lost yet another god-tier tuner and vocafolk composer…. Her Luka and V1 tuning was glorious, and her music is pretty old school RPG-ish I love it.

Then again, her NNI tracks ain’t much different from her Vocaloid except they’re mostly instrumental (I wish she’d sing more, her voice is so pretty)

New song by Furu!! “Moscow e Youshite”

Aaaaah, the instrument is amazing like always

New song from Seiko-P, and Gorgeous as always. A combo of her and Kaoling when??



It’s a cover from Me & My’s Dub -I-Dub, The background video is from Kantai Collection.