Apparently this will be Seiko’s last Vocaloid song. She will focus on NNI/doujin scene from now on under Mutsuki Sei (her real name?).

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo aaah, we lost yet another god-tier tuner and vocafolk composer…. Her Luka and V1 tuning was glorious, and her music is pretty old school RPG-ish I love it.

Then again, her NNI tracks ain’t much different from her Vocaloid except they’re mostly instrumental (I wish she’d sing more, her voice is so pretty)

New song by Furu!! “Moscow e Youshite”

Aaaaah, the instrument is amazing like always

New song from Seiko-P, and Gorgeous as always. A combo of her and Kaoling when??



It’s a cover from Me & My’s Dub -I-Dub, The background video is from Kantai Collection.

Whoa, Noboru↑!? YOU’RE ALIVE!!


It’s been three years since Monochrome Blue Sky and Shotgun Lover huh… Time flies.

The Goddess of Luka is back! As usual it’s hard to differentiate between her and Luka’s voice. Full version for the art (it was uploaded back in April).

Also Seiko is going to release a new album in M3, Aletheia.

Peperon-P feat. Gumi - With Only A Single Bullet (たった一つの弾丸で)


A translation for Peperon-P’s new Gumi song, With Only A Single Bullet! A sequel to Silver Bullet, it has, as expected, a lovely PV and illustrationsby Mikuriya Wata!

Note: I’m not sure if I can sub this onto a video. Some of Peperon-P’s songs have copyright and some don’t, so it’s hard to tell whether I’d get in trouble or not. I might not be able to, because I haven’t seen any reprints on YT yet, but we’ll see~ 

Link: sm21950184                                                                                          Music・Lyrics:Nijihara Peperon (mylist/3093143)
Illust・Movie:Mikuriya Wata (mylist/5819491)

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Aah, Ultraman Tiga OP~~~~ How nostalgic.

As usual Konki’s tuning never fail to amaze me. And LOL she finally give Kiyoteru a manly song..