digital devil saga  Official  BG data  by  enterprise KUSANAGI


digital devil saga2  Official  BG data  by  enterprise KUSANAGI


Found out that the wiki had bigger versions of several concept scans for the Digital Devil Saga Atma Avatars, so I decided to translate them. Not all of them were available unfortunately and the extra ones I have like Brahman, Roald or Invisible Ravana are too small to read. Some of these were pretty hard to read as well, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes.

These are basically indications for the programmers, etc, so I left out colour coding or description of movements we already know. The things in parentheses are Kaneko’s annotations. Oh yeah, I also had a Seraph concept art laying around, so it’s mixed in there.

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No matter how ugly DDS looks on PSN, it’ll always look nice in PCSX2


Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner 10th Anniversary!!

I tried drawing pixel animation like SNES DDS.


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Black here! Sorry for not posting in forever, but I actually am working on new SMT comics at the moment! I’ll post out of context panels and maybe full 4komas more regularly, especially now that it’s SMT spirit week! I’ve seen the above page scanned and posted on 4chan, so I’m fine with posting this full page.

Amala Midnight is still available for purchase here, or you can still email us at dailymegaten@gmail.com if you wanna add an extra $5 for a sketch. Unfortunately storenvy isn’t as convenient as it could be. Also, shipping rates have increased since the last time we posted about the book, about $1-2 depending on where you live.

We hope to have the next book done by AX! You can bet the rest of the SMT cast will have strong, um, feelings for the P4 cast. For those of you that don’t know, Amala Midnight is set in an AU where ALL the characters know each other.