As Hitoshura you’d try to recruit every new demon you encounter, so why should it be any different when he’s up against the Embryon crew in DDS?


From eefara:

More info from the Quantum Devil Saga translator. A fantastic listen that everyone should listen to!

Some important info pulled for busy people (although you should definitely listen if you’ve got the time!):
-Character names are basically the same, some of the names of the actual Atma Avatars were changed as they were originally mistranslated from the original Sanskrit language. For example, “Varna” from the games is now properly named “Varuna” 
-Volume 1 roughly equates to the first half of the first game.
-Terminology specific to Atlus games is not used (such as spell names) However, this is ALSO the case of the original Japanese novels. Atlus is pretty much NOT involved with the project, and Quantum Devil Saga could be considered a separate IP entirely.
Notable deviations from the game: Sera uses blood to calm the demons instead of singing, apparently a situation from the game has a COMPLETELY different outcome in Quantum Devil Saga. 
-It seems to be a lot darker than the original games. Apparently there’s a scene where Agni rips someone/something in half above his head and bathes in the gore. Damn.
-Bento Books intends to release the other four volumes, and possibly even other Megami Tensei novels (those are a bit harder to get out in English however, as MegaTen novels come from many different publishers) but the main factor is how successful Quantum Devil Saga Vol. 1 does, so BE SURE TO SUPPORT IT!
-Quantum Devil Saga Vol. 1 is set to release some time in Summer 2014.