Remake from

The old one has more detail I know, I tried to put the other two in the remake but the picture got a bit too crowded so I had to delete them  :<.

Ojisan sanjo!

Faster than I expected…

Remake from:
Stage 2 remake soon.

Man, he really does look like a student with that outfit…

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The Void Sculptor and The Dancing Witch.

Something for CRBW prologue… Just one page because I’m too lazy to think any fancy story for this old man (he’s just a support anyway).

How do you cityscape?

Suddenly got the urge to draw Raidou. Here Raidou eating daigaku-imo and Obariyon fishing at Harumi-cho.

Open for Commission (Paypal only)!!

I need money for life and other stuff.


More samples can be found in my deviantart or my art tag


  • These single character prices, additional character will be ~50% of the original base price. MAX OF TWO CHARACTERS.
  • Character with detailed design will require additional fee.
  • Please be sure to incorporate paypal fees so I get payment in full!
  • Fanart or OCs are A-OK
  • I don’t do furry (except kemonomimi), animals  mechas, old man/woman, NSWF
  • All of them are come with either transparent BG or patterned BG. No additional fees required for patterned BG.

If you’d like to commission me, please note me through DA, email ( my ask with your name, email address, type of commission and reference (preferable picture references).

Paypal only [My Paypal:]. You may pay before or after the commission is finished, though I might give a priority to those that have been paid.

for chapter 9

yes, it’s the same jacket as Shad’s

Finally I draw something doesn’t involve dude with long ha… Oh yeah, Natsu is dude.

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I don’t think I could finish this tomorrow… So, here have the unfinished sketch.of the Despair Quartet.


Still unfinished… I’m going to add more characters (in the potraits)

On related note, I’m going to go on vacation to my Grandma’s house from Tomorrow until 12/13th. I don’t think I could get internet there, so yeah… Hiatus.