Okay… now guess!

I’ll give you one full body CG if you guess ‘em right.

1. all guys
2. they’re either from manga, anime, or game
3. I did fanart for some of them.
4. 3 characters are voiced by Tomokazu Sugita
5. 2 by Akira Ishida
6. The game characters are all from Megami Tensei franchise…. None of them from Persona (well 2 did appears in few Persona games, as different characters)
7. 2 characters has other form than the one I drew… I simply draw them like this to fit the feels or because they’re too badass or because I simply want to make this even harder

Add: Number 8 shouldn’t be that hard if you happened to follow me, and Don’t you dare to call yourself a Megaten fans if you don’t know number 2. I really mean it