TRACK: Yuya's awakening
ALBUM: Megami Ibunroku Persona CD Drama


Megami Ibunroku Persona CD Drama

The protagonist (Yuya Narumi) awakens to his Persona, Seimen Kongou.

Anonymous whispered: Have you ever read the Persona 1 manga? Because there's a nice dead twin thing there. Basically, the protagonist, Naoya, has a twin brother, Kazuya, who died when he was very young, but he feels tremendous guilt for Kazuya's death, even though it wasn't his fault. As such, his Shadow, in a sense, manifests as Kazuya. If you apply that to the P3 protagonists, then Minato and Minako would be each other's respective Shadows. Or something like that.



I really should read that Manga some time, especially considering I heard P1’s controls are hellish, so maybe I’d have better luck reading the Manga than playing the game itself :’D

Is Katsuya the standard name for brothers in the Persona Universe?

Regardless, this sounds interesting and pretty valid, given that Minakoto and FeMC are pretty much mirror images of each other in everything including personalities. However, there *is* the issue that, according to Jung, the Shadow is always supposed to be the same gender as it’s host, so that would speak against it… Though, there are literary variations of the concept, so it’s still valid and very interesting to think about. 

AWW HELL YES, go read the manga it’s undeniably the best game —> manga adaptation out of the three. Not to mention that the characters themselves are amazing (no other game has a girl who fangirls the fact she’s stuck in a horror story, just Brown in general, Kandori makes Adachi look like small fry).

The author takes the story to new heights and it’s nice to see Persona doing some damage for a change. Considering in the game, all Naoya’s shadow did was play video games. Plus each character is a lot more fleshed out.

 You can read it here and there’s been a group doing the entire translation.

Plus you get amazing stuff like this:


Or this:



~Lovely little bonus~

The complete set of all the main characters from the first Persona game, in Persona Q style. These were the most requested, so I drew them first.


More Qs here!

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