Jisatsubushi a.k.a that one PV where Miichan and Nashimoto-P being weirdoes.

Mii-chan’s Houkai Utahime cover for “In Other Worlds”~~~

The “aaah” part is kinda lacking.. Well, obviously.

Machige’s new albums

I really want to say debut but… IDK.. Both will be released on July 25th for 2000 yen each.

I ♥(Love) Visualizm feat. 初音ミク produced by マチゲリータ

Label: Victor Entertainment

This is an cover+arrange from various Visual Kei songs using Vocaloids.

1. 涙猫 feat. 初音ミク (メガマソ)
2. 未完成サファイア feat. GUMI (少女-ロリヰタ-23区)
3. Vanilla feat. 神威がくぽ (GACKT)
4. クライシスモメント feat. 初音ミク (MERRY)
5. アトリア feat. 鏡音リン (NoGoD)
6. 女々しくて feat. 初音ミク・鏡音リン・鏡音レン・巡音ルカ
・GUMI・神威がくぽ・VY2 (ゴールデンボンバー)
7. BOYS&GIRLS feat. 鏡音レン (LM.C)
8. 夏恋 feat. 巡音ルカ (シド)
9. 黒い砂漠 feat. 巡音ルカ (jealkb)
10. スノーシーン feat. GUMI (アンティック-珈琲店-)
11. キスミイスノウ feat. 初音ミク (アヤビエ)
12. ニルヴァーナ feat. 鏡音リン (ムック)
13. 真っ赤な糸 feat. 鏡音レン (Plastic Tree)
14. ブルーフィルム feat. VY2 (cali≠gari)
15. lost graduation feat. 鏡音レン (Raphael)

Rin is singing MUCC’s Nirvana? Whew, I thought it’ll be VY2 or Gakupo, but I’m curious.

And LOL Gakupo singing Gackt’s Vanilla, talk about being predictable.


And, Visualiszm isn’t the only album.

In Other Worlds produced by マチゲリータ

Label: Frontier Works

As the title said, This is different… This album is an cover & arrange from 8 Machige’s own song (he did the arrange of course), and sung by various singers, plus a brand new song sung by Machige himself.

1. TsukujouBerry no Tsukurikata/Sekihan
2. Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance/Mi-chan
3. Sunset Love Suicideド/Makoto (ex.ドレミ團)
4. Tsugihagi Sandoku/Danchou(NoGoD)
5. Houkai Utahime -disruptive diva-/Mi-chan
6. Candy Addict Fullcourse/Sekihan
7. Erikubi/Danchou (NoGoD)
8. Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku/Makoto (ex.ドレミ團)
9. [Title Undecided]/Machigerita

This album ain’t creepy at all… This album is SEXY.


And last thing, Kurai Mori no Circus a.k.a Dark Wood Circus will have a novel adaptation, it’ll be released on July 27th.