A random Kokuto-kun for a certain stuff by Moei.

Been a while since I last drew Kokuto…. But is this really Koku? He looks kinda different…

This year’s art summary… Far less active than last year…

My faves are the last 4 months,.

January: fav.me/d5q9ttb
February: fav.me/d5v0658
March: fav.me/d5xfdxc
April: fav.me/d62boj3
May: fav.me/d661mpl
June: fav.me/d67erqq
July: fav.me/d6c21g1
August: fav.me/d6isogu
September: fav.me/d6o4cfs
Oktober: fav.me/d6qwzam
November: fav.me/d6uxmcj
December: fav.me/d7052dm

Chapter 9.. totally rushed and silly

Let’s see if I can finish this before the deadline

for chapter 9

yes, it’s the same jacket as Shad’s

Finally I draw something doesn’t involve dude with long ha… Oh yeah, Natsu is dude.

Let’s se if I can finish this by tomorrow…

Chp 8.

random free request for froznkamui…