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Sketch for shad’s stage 2 remake…


BWCR Stage 2… Somehow his hair gotten longer… Somehow the “swamp” is nowhere to be seen….

Floor patterns, what is that?

Shad and Schro being edgy…

Shad & Chert Devil summoner!AU bacuse Pokemon!AU is too mainstream.

Their job won’t change much tho, just with added demons. Shad will be considered as a Dark Summoner tho.

Their comps, Shad uses a cell phone because cell phones nowadays have big memory storages, while Chert is using a grimoire (then plot twist, he don’t actually use anything other than plain ol’ sabatma).

Shad is all about ice and european demons, while Chert’s are mostly fiends and anything that come from fusion accidents except Yama. Speaking of Yama, pardon my awful kanji handwriting I can’t into kanji.

tagged: #sketch #wip #meongart

random doodle

tagged: #meongart #sketch #wip

Gagak-chan progress… Now her hair is longer and she wears high heels.

Co.. coloring this is gonna be pain, especially with my current lack of color palette (can steal from somewhere tho), and tools.

Rough design for my PFFK character. She’s some kinda historian from the “Yatagarasu Clan” whose current job is to record the war between the three factions from distance… Not sure which side she’s yet… But leaning toward エンバーランド.

Progress thingie,”I ain’t gonna explain how I shade shit” edition…#shot

That isn’t the face of a healer…. An FS build to boot.

First sketch in 2014!! HBD Kamukura & Hinata!!

Another KamuHina after 455420425401 months.

Don’t think I can finish this today tho… But oh well.